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Damage repair



car damage repair

A car accident is always waiting to happen.About the dealing with the consequences You don’t want to spend too much thoughts. ZastroWorkx will be happy to provide you help in any possible way. You only want to be informed about the costs involved in the repair? We will be happy to offer you a quote detailing the work required and our charge for this work. In this way a decision whether or not to repair the damage will be a lot easier.In case your insurance company is involved, ZastroWorkx can take over the communication involved in the claim of the damage for your comfort. We will deal directly with your insurance company about the damage and the repair. If necessary we can provide You a courtesy car.Small dents? Probably paintless dent removal might be an option. By using innovative techniques we are able toremove your dent without repainting. Contact us for more info.

We are ready for you:

  • drawing up a damage assessment
  • complete settlement of the claim with your insurance company
  • professional, professional damage repair
  • repair of small dents without spraying with restyling
  • use of a free loan car during the settlement of the damage repair
  • glass repair

zastroworkx schadeherstel customworkxzastroworkx schadeherstel customworkx

High-quality damage repair

ZastroWorkx goes for high-quality damage repair!We consider high-quality damage repair to be important!With a growing number of local damage repair companies, we want to profile ourselves as a true independent repairer with a passion for and enthusiasm in our profession.We find it no more than normal that you as the owner of your car decide for yourself at which damage repair company you want to have your car repaired. Unfortunately this is not as standard with many insurance companies as you might think! Are you unsure whether this also applies to your insurance? Feel free to come in and we will be happy to give you more information.


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